Advising you on putting a Power of Attorney in place

It is always difficult to talk about circumstances where you or a loved one might become mentally or physically incapacitated and subsequently unable to deal with your or their own affairs.

The application of a legal document called a Power of Attorney can help with that, and it is especially common in cases where people are growing old and have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease or dementia.

Powers of Attorney can be used for many purposes and the most common forms are Lasting Powers of Attorney and Enduring Powers of Attorney, on both of which Ormrods Solicitors & Advocates can advise you.

An Enduring Power of Attorney is usually pre-planned and put in place some time before it needs to be actually used.  It appoints one or more persons to act on your behalf in relation to some or all of your property or affairs.  If you become unable to deal with your own affairs, the Enduring Power of Attorney can only be used once it has been formally registered with the Court of Protection.

The registration process can be complex, time consuming and technical, with a number of notices having to be sent out to various people.  So if you are seeking to register an Enduring Power of Attorney, Ormrods can help you and streamline the process for you.

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is the modern replacement for an Enduring Power.  It can be made in respect of your property and affairs and/or in respect of your health / healthcare and medical wishes.

These LPAs can be prepared at any time, although they are usually quite lengthy.  They can give power to your attorney to deal with some or all of your property and affairs and can be quite specific about what powers you are giving.  The LPA cannot be used by the attorney until it is registered with Court of Protection through the Office of the Public Guardian.

We are happy to assist you with the preparation and registration of either type of Power of Attorney – or indeed advise on which type of document would be the most appropriate.

If you need to talk to us about putting a Power of Attorney in place, call Sharif Ela on 01253 861034 or email