Guiding you through the administration of an estate

If you have been named and appointed as the executor of an estate when a family member, loved one or a close friend has passed away, Ormrods Solicitors & Advocates can guide you through the often complex process of administering their estate.

As an executor named in their will, you are responsible for ensuring collection of any funds due to the estate and paying out any bills owing, including inheritance tax.

Securing appropriate legal advice is often an important asset to ensure that the estate’s finances are properly managed and fairly distributed.

The administration of an estate often requires you as executor to obtain a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration for the deceased so that you have the legal power to deal with their affairs.

Occasionally this may also involve having to prepare and submit a set of financial accounts to the Inland Revenue (HMRC) in relation to Inheritance Tax.

Ormrods can do this all for you to remove the burden and stress of undertaking what can end up being time consuming, and sometimes stressful, work.  This is especially true in cases where a close family member has passed away.

Our aim is to be clear on what the costs will be and we will discuss our charging structure with you at the outset.  In most cases, however, charges are calculated and applied as a percentage of the value of the estate.

To discuss the administration of an estate or to find out more what your responsibilities are and how we can help you through the process, call Sharif Ela on 01253 861034 or email