Do you have a right to make a compensation claim for spinal and back injuries?

If you have suffered back or spinal injuries, which are often both life changing and debilitating, Ormrods Solicitors & Advocates may be able to help you make a claim for compensation to cover financial losses incurred now and in the future.

Spinal and back injuries typically cause extensive and in many cases, long term, pain.  So they can have a significant impact on your working life and your overall capabilities.  Loss of mobility or the inability to carry out certain tasks will mean direct or indirect financial loss for you and your family.  For example, there may be care costs to consider, and the expense of purchasing equipment for treatment and support.

Fortunately in many case the law and various regulations are in place to protect you, particularly with regard to keeping employees safe in the workplace.

So if you have incurred a spinal or back injury at work or in any other arena where public authorities, employers or others have a clear duty of care and responsibility, Ormrods can help you obtain financial compensation to ensure you get the rehabilitation treatment you need.

You may need to claim compensation for your back injury to cover:

  • Loss of mobility
  • Loss of employment/income
  • Medical expenses
  • Transport costs
  • Rehabilitation treatment and care
  • The cost of help from family and friend.

In more serious cases of spinal cord injury, rehousing expenses, the cost of surgery, prosthetics, loss of pension and future losses in life and earnings are all very important factors to take into account.

There are some really fundamental things for you to remember:

DO NOT be put off by an employer, boss, colleague, insurer or any other person if you want to make a claim as they rarely have your own best interests at heart.

DO NOT accept any accident compensation offer direct from an insurer or opponent without first seeking independent legal advice from an accident solicitor like Ormrods.  We can ascertain whether that proposed settlement is adequate.  Early settlement for claims for compensation for an injury to back or spine could prevent you from getting thousands of pounds to which you may otherwise be entitled.

DO NOT worry about media perceptions and insurer stories of a ‘compensation claim culture'.  Your back or spinal injury may have potentially far reaching effects.

With Ormrods ‘no-win, no-fee’ funding for spinal cord and back injury cases, we can act for you with minimal initial outlay, so call us to discuss your claim on 01253 850777.