Dealing with your motorcycle accident

If you have been involved in a motorbike accident, you need to choose a solicitor – like Ormrods Solicitors & Advocates – who is experienced in dealing with motorcycle law.

You always have a choice as to whom you instruct to represent you, regardless of what your insurer or insurance broker might tell you.

The law pertaining to motorbike accidents can be complicated, especially as the injuries victims suffer can be complex. With our experience and our rehabilitation agents and specialists on your side, we will do our best to get you the best possible outcome.

Ormrods specialise in acting for people who have been seriously injured in road accidents.  Our dedicated approach means we will give you the support you need and deserve.

You can talk to us in confidence about your accident and we will advise you if you have a legal claim and what damages you might recover.  Our medical experts can also assist with assessments on what treatment you might need.

We offer no-win, no-fee funding for the personal injury cases we act on and will explain all the options for you.

Key points to consider:

Before instructing any solicitor you should ask whether they understand the dangers bikers face on the roads.  It’s important to ascertain whether they understand the circumstances of the accident and what you are trying to explain.

Many commercial firms employ unqualified ‘claims handlers’ who are not solicitors. Are you be happy to have your case, which may be complex and of substantial value, conducted by a professionally unqualified ‘fee earner’?

Liability (fault) in motorcycle accidents can be complicated. You should ensure that your legal representative has up-to-date legal knowledge and practical experience so that they can fight your case properly.

Even if the fault aspect is clear cut, does your legal representative have access to physical and psychological rehabilitation providers?  At Ormrods, we are committed not only to getting you the best possible settlement, but also the right treatment for your injuries or any psychological problems caused by your accident

Why instruct Ormrods Solicitors & Advocates for your motorcycle accident claim?

  • Your case will be conducted by a solicitor who understands motorcycle law.
  • We will happily visit you wherever you are in the country.
  • You will be treated with professional courtesy at all times.
  • You will speak with your solicitor on all enquiries.
  • We can help arrange treatment and rehabilitation for you.
  • We will always fight to get you the best possible settlement.

To discuss your motorcycle accident claim, you can contact us on 01253 850777 or e-mail us with details of your accident and contact details and we will call you back within 24 hours.