Have you suffered an injury while at work ?

If you have been involved in an accident and suffered an injury whilst at work, you may be eligible to claim compensation from your employer or the party responsible for causing it.  So you should not hesitate in seeking legal advice from a solicitor.

Ormrods Solicitors & Advocates are personal injury specialists and we act for those who have been injured in the workplace.

Under the law in England & Wales, an injury due to a work based accident for which you are not at fault allows you to claim for losses against those who caused you harm.

There are many examples of claims we have successfully helped clients to make following accidents at work.  These include:

  • A fall from ladders when an employer failed to provide suitable equipment which would have prevented the injury
  • A fall in a corridor, office or walkway at work after tripping over objects left in dangerous positions
  • Injury caused by a co-worker while carrying out work related activities
  • A construction site accident in which a client fell from a scaffold which was badly maintained and inadequately secured and footed
  • A trip / fall on an icy car park which was not gritted properly
  • A grid cover collapsing beneath a client’s feet while she was walking over it.

Other common types of accident in the workplace can result from unsafe machinery or dangerous procedures and practices at work.  Law and regulations are in place to protect you and if they are followed properly by your employer, they should prevent you from becoming injured.

Where an employer has failed to comply with the law and an employee has been injured as a result, then it is only right that the injured person is appropriately compensated.  You might need to make a claim for:

  • Injury compensation
  • Loss of earnings
  • Medical expenses
  • Transport costs
  • Rehabilitation
  • The cost of help from family and friends.

In more serious cases, there can be significant additional costs:

  • Rehousing
  • Prosthetics
  • Loss of pension
  • Future losses.

Ormrods has many years’ experience of helping clients who have been involved in work based accidents resulting in injury.  There are many reason to have us on your side:

  • ‘No-win, no-fee’ funding‘ with your case conducted by a solicitor
  • We will arrange rehabilitation for you if circumstances allow
  • You will be treated with professional courtesy at all times
  • We will dedicate ourselves to your case to ensure that you receive best possible settlement.

If you need help making a claim for personal injury and all the other losses which you have incurred, call us today on 01253 850777 for a free of charge and no obligation discussion about your accident.