Supporting you in taking out an injunction

Cases of domestic violence and aggressive behaviour unfortunately arise from time to time and taking legal steps to protect yourself is a critical area of family law.

Ormrods can help you take positive action and if you need to take out an injunction (often called a non-molestation order) and/or an order that your spouse is excluded from your home (an occupation order), we can guide you through both legal processes and support you.

Violence and aggression is never acceptable and you should always contact the police in the first instance and ensure that you put measures in place to protect yourself.

If at all possible, you should keep an accurate, contemporaneous record of precisely when and where the violent behaviour took place.

You can speak to us in complete confidence about you circumstances and if you need to obtain an injunction or an occupation order because of a partner’s violent behaviour, we will do the legal work on your behalf.

We can offer you these protective measures at short notice and it is often possible to see a judge with an application within 24 hours.

We can advise you on your options over the telephone or face-to-face.

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