Helping to settle your finances on divorce

How you arrange your finances in cases of divorce can be a real challenge and a highly stressful process which can, on occasion, cause considerable argument.

At Ormrods, we are committed to helping you to resolve any issues regarding the division of matrimonial finances amicably, wherever possible by sensible negotiation held in a non-confrontational manner.

Dividing up your finances and ensuring that you are treated fairly is important.  We will try to negotiate the best possible deal that we can for you without the need for court proceedings.

If the court subsequently has to become involved, we can advise you on how that process works and what steps you must take to resolve any financial dispute.

In order to achieve a fair settlement, we look at the entire financial picture of both you and your partner.  We analyse all the available financial data before advising you on what a sensible settlement might be.

For more complex financial cases and related areas of the law, Ormrods has a network of trusted and experienced barristers who can provide advice on any issues arising which require specialist legal expertise.

For further information, call Michael Penny on 01253 850777 or email