Advising you about Civil Partnerships

If you are in a Civil Partnership and your relationship has broken down, you need to be clear about what rights you have and / or how to dissolve the arrangement.

Ormrods Solicitors & Advocates can advise you on both the dissolution of your Civil Partnership and any financial matters that might need to be addressed as well.

A Civil Partnership can be dissolved in a similar manner to divorce proceedings.  That means the legal grounds are the same (Click here to see more)  Your petition can be agreed and proceedings filed via a paper process without the need for you to attend a court hearing.

Financial matters in Civil Partnerships also mirror those of divorce proceedings.  We will discuss the situation with you in detail and analyse your joint assets and finances before advising on the best way of fairly and lawfully dividing these.

We will seek to resolve matters promptly through sensible and non-confrontational negotiation.  In our experience, arrangements can be agreed more speedily and much more economically in this way.

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