Helping you if you are facing redundancy

If you have been informed by your employer or union that you could be facing imminent redundancy, it can leave you feeling somewhat overwhelmed.

Many people in this situation simply accept it without ever finding out whether the redundancy circumstances are legally valid.

It's easy to lose sight of the fact that your employer is probably trying to save money and may even fail to offer you the right redundancy package.  Many employers use redundancy as an excuse for cheap dismissal.

Redundancy is a very strict area of employment law in which Ormrods Solicitors & Advocates have specific expertise.

There is a specific redundancy process and framework through which your employer must work, so they need to be very careful about how they go about making redundancies.

If you are facing redundancy, Ormrods can give you advice about whether it is a valid proposal and if not, what action you can take to prevent it.

In addition, in case where redundancy is genuine, we can check for you that all the proper procedures have been followed.  We will also advise you on whether the redundancy package you have been offered is both fair and reasonable under your terms and conditions of employment.

We do not charge you for a first meeting and you might even find the answers you need there and then!

So if you need advice about your redundancy terms, call us on 01253 850777 to arrange a free first meeting or email