Are you the subject of discrimination in the workplace?

Discrimination at work is now an extremely sensitive topic in employment law and it is imperative that employers meet their obligations to ensure equality for their workforce.

The Equality Act sets out guidelines on unfair treatment and you may feel you have been unlawfully discriminated against on the following grounds:

  • age
  • disability
  • gender
  • marriage and civil partnership
  • pregnancy and maternity
  • race
  • religion or belief
  • sexual orientation.

As an employee, your employer should not discriminate against you with regard to your terms and conditions of employment, including areas such as fair pay, working hours and pension entitlement benefits.  The same goes for opportunities for promotion, training and job benefits, and anything which puts you at a disadvantage from your colleagues.

If you think you have been treated differently by your employer for any of these reasons, you should talk to Ormrods Solicitors & Advocates immediately.

This is an area of law in which we specialise and we can quickly advise you on whether you have a case for discrimination against your employer.

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