Helping you understand compromise agreements

You may be in a situation where your employer thinks your circumstances could result in a case for unfair dismissal, an illegal redundancy or discrimination against you.

In many cases, employers are trying to steer a path around this risk by offering compromise agreements.

If you are offered a compromise agreement, it is imperative that you seek professional legal advice about the terms therein.  A compromise agreement essentially waives all your rights against your employer to bring any claims relating to your employment.

Ormrods can scrutinise the proposal in detail and advise you accordingly on whether the compromise agreement is fair, and if you should accept or reject it.

If the agreement has not been drawn up correctly or seems unfair, we can act for you and make sure that it is amended to provide you with the right settlement and that it contains all the correct legal information.

We do not charge you for your first meeting with us and with compromise agreements, your employer will usually be obliged to contribute towards our fees too.  This can save you additional expense.

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