Making the mediation process easier for you.

Ormrods Solicitors & Advocates has designed its mediation process around your own specific circumstances. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible and remove any unnecessary stress.

The mediation process is built upon certain established principles and parameters, perhaps the most important being that it is confidential, informal and entirely 'without prejudice'.

This means that you can freely state your views and your case, provide information and provisionally consider concessions or offers without court interference. A settlement is only reached with your complete consent.

Prior to the mediation meeting, you will agree to sign up to a mediation agreement document which underlines your intention to settle your dispute, and you must come to the table with an open mind and the authority to negotiate and make decisions.

If your mediation is successful, your agreed terms will be incorporated into a settlement agreement and it is only at that point that you will be entering into a legal contract.

If you are unable to reach any meaningful agreement after mediation, you still have plenty of options:  you can try another mediation session, pursue court action or decide to walk away from the dispute.  Thankfully, in most cases mediation is a highly effective and cost efficient solution.

To find out more about the mediation process or to discuss your own individual requirements and facilities, call Geoff Ormrod on 01253 861 032 or email