Protecting your Intellectual Property rights

If you have come up with a unique concept, a new design for a product or an invention, you may be in need of legal advice on your Intellectual Property or ‘IP’ rights.

Intellectual property is the term used to cover the ownership of ideas, designs or inventions which might have been patented or are subject to copyright, trademark or registered design.

Intellectual Property law is a specialism typically managed through larger, London based legal firms, but Ormrods have our own in house specialist, Michael Penny, who can represent you or your company in any IP issue.

This can range from advice on registering a trademark, through to copyright, patents or disputes arising out of somebody copying your work, whether it is registered or not.

Michael acted for our client LEC (Liverpool) Ltd in the reported case of FNM Corporation Ltd v Drammock International (1) and LEC (Liverpool) Ltd (2) and was successful in defending the £1,000,000 case against our client.

Michael will speak with you in complete confidence during an initial free of charge interview either by telephone or in person at our offices.

You can call Michael on 01253 861033 or email

Contact: Michael Penny
Direct Dial: 01253 861033.