Helping you manage redundancy processes

As an employer, there may be times when you have to consider staff redundancies and it is crucial that you follow the correct legal procedures.

Ormrods Solicitors & Advocates can guide you through the process from start to finish.  We can provide you with draft letters, advise on selection criteria, advise on how, when and who to consult over the proposed redundancies, and guide you through considerations such as suitable alternative employment opportunities.  

Many employers still have a gross misconception that redundancy can be applied to any dismissal and that they are legally protected.  It has been widely misused as an excuse to get rid of unwanted employees.

The reality is that the entire procedure from beginning to end is now subject to greater legal scrutiny.  Getting it wrong will result in a strong case of unfair dismissal.

So if you are contemplating making redundancies, you need to seek legal advice before you do anything.  It could save you significant expense and trouble in the long run.

If you are proposing to make redundancies, you need to consider a range of issues, including how you consult with those affected and how you fairly select those to be made redundant.  There are also alternatives to the redundancy process which we can help you implement.

Ormrods can help you make sure that you get the redundancy process right first time, saving you and your employees stress and expense.

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