Supporting you through the tribunal process

If you employ staff or have responsibility for a workforce, it is a fact of life that from time to time some working relationships may break down.  Occasionally this can result in an employment tribunal which involves a legal maze of process and procedure.

Ormrods Solicitors & Advocates can ensure that you are comprehensively prepared for the tribunal process which can be both intimidating and unforgiving.

Our tribunal services come with a clear, fixed fee pricing structure so you can see exactly how much it will cost.  We have developed these services and charges so that they are aligned with the common steps that the majority of tribunal claims require.  It means you can select the services you require.

This also gives you the flexibility to commission our legal expertise throughout the entire procedure or for specific elements of the case.  Our objective is to help you keep your costs down whilst ensuring that you are well prepared, so we offer you the chance to ‘pick and mix’ which services you require.

With tribunals, it is imperative that you instruct us at the earliest opportunity.  We may not be able to resolve certain issues, errors or failings if we are asked to help when the process is already in motion.  The best defences are always those which have been planned and prepared well in advance. 

To discuss your case, contact Geoff Ormrod or Mike Penny on 01253 850777.  Your first consultation meeting with us is always free.