Guiding you through disciplinary investigations and meetings

Managing disciplinary and grievance processes effectively, fairly and legally can be both a stressful and time consuming experience.  In the absence of many specifics within the law as to how to carry out disciplinary investigations, it is still essential that you take tangible steps to ensure you are acting impartially.

As an employer, you are entitled to appoint an external expert to chair disciplinary or grievance hearings.  This is sensible which helps ensure that you have complied with principles of fairness and lawfulness. 

Ormrods can support you through the process, help you understand any potential legal implications, and put sound internal procedures and documentation in place to ensure that you comply with your contractual obligations.

We can undertake a range of important tasks as an independent arbiter, from thoroughly investigating allegations and interviewing employees through to producing reports with recommendations and advice to ensure legal compliance.

We also specialise in offering support for grievance meetings so that if a grievance is raised, you can use our expertise to deal with it properly and effectively.  It’s important to seek legal advice in these situations at the earliest opportunity so that you can prevent any legitimate claim against you for constructive or unfair dismissal.

We have a detailed breakdown of our fixed fee services which can be provided on request.

If you need support in managing disciplinary or grievance processes or require legal advice on a specific case, call Mike Penny or Geoff Ormrod on 01253 850777.