Drawing up your contracts, policies, documents and agreements

Business and the law are inextricably linked, so you will always need sound legal advice and appropriate documentation to ensure your operations run smoothly.

Ormrods Solicitors & Advocates can support you with a range of legal document preparation services, from contracts of employment for your workforce through to supplier agreements and company HR policies.

We firmly believe in drafting these so that they are aligned with and customised specifically for your own business.  So we will engage in detailed discussions with you prior to drafting documentation to ensure that it meets your exact needs and is designed to avoid disputes.

In managing your employees, there are many legal requirements which you need to consider, and ensuring you have properly drafted documentation provides both you and your workforce with clear points of reference.

Ormrods can help you with policy issues and employment contracts, pensions, termination notices, job descriptions, restrictive covenants, holidays, sickness, maternity and parental leave – all in complete confidence.

All this can be crucial if you need to enter into an employee disciplinary process or draw up a compromise agreement when someone's employment comes to an end.

With proper legal documentation in place, you have the peace of mind that you are protected against employees leaving with important commercial information, setting up in direct competition with you and even poaching clients and customers.

Whether you offer staff flexi-time arrangements, have key personnel working offsite or on short term contracts, or you need to engage with consultants and sub-contractors, Ormrods has the expertise to draw up the legal documentation to meet the relevant industry guidelines.

To find out more about our legal documentation services, call Geoff Ormrod or Mike Penny on 01253 850777 to discuss your requirements.