Securing your terms and conditions of business

When you set up your own business or a new venture, your terms and conditions of sale and operating definitions are vital tools for ensuring that your business is well structured and protected.

Your business terms and conditions should cover key obligations of the parties involved and will include aspects such as pricing, limitation of liability, duration, and rules on payment and delivery.

Ensuring you get this right is becoming increasingly important as more and more businesses operate via the internet and undertake the sale of goods and services online.

Ormrods Solicitors & Advocates can help you ensure that your website terms of business are accurate, up to date and incorporated into any contract with your customers.

There are four key elements for a contract formed under English law: offer, acceptance, consideration and an intention of the parties to be legally bound.

The rapid rise of internet technology poses a significant challenge when examining whether and when a contract is formed. In addition, global online purchasing raises geographical jurisdiction issues about any legal contract rules that should apply.

Ormrods specialises in getting business terms and conditions right for our clients, whether for a web based e-commerce site or for your ordinary terms of trading.

We will help you bring clarity to the contractual terms of your business so that all parties are agreed on the legal basis on which they are dealing.

If you need assistance with your terms and conditions of business, call Geoff Ormrod on 01253 861032 or 01253 850777.