Specialist Commercial Property advice

Commercial property law is another wide ranging area in which Ormrods can assist you with appropriate legal advice and support.

You may be involved in business tenancies or battling through a variety of landlord and tenant issues.  Or you may be seeking legal assistance for estate development, leasebacks, site acquisitions and disposals, town and country planning, environmental issues, pension funds or secured lending.

Ormrods has the experience and legal knowhow to guide you through the complexities of each of these areas of the law and many others.

As well as large-scale projects such as industrial complexes and residential housing developments, we also offer personalised advice which takes account of your own specific circumstances.  This means you can achieve your commercial property goals sooner rather than later.

If you require further information regarding our commercial property services, please contact Geoff Ormrod on 01253 861032 to arrange an initial free of charge meeting.

Contact: Geoff Ormrod
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